54 Local Missionaries – Africa

Mission: The Christian organization IEAD have taken the initiative to train 50 “missionaries” to be sent to different parts of Mozambique to help and educate the people in the best way so that people, villages and communities can be rebuilt and recreated into a “Sustainable Social Development” where people can find their way back to life, a loving creative community and a belief in the future. All “missionaries” have a personal belief in God and is giving their time to do “Good Deeds” and talk about a loving God.

Execution: IEAD has today taken on its own responsibility that 25 of the total of 54 “missionaries” who will be sent out over Mozambique will each receive 1,500 sek / month for 1,000 days (33.3 months), in order to create a Sustainable SocialDevelopment ”in the region where they have their area of responsibility. This means that 25 “missionaries” x 1,500 sek. x 33.3 months = 1, 248 750 sek. is already funded and secured for 1,000 days / 33.3 months ahead by IDEA in Mozambique. 

Money needed now: FONA with its Partner IDEA organization, needs to find 25 (or more) Givers, who decide to be “Finance Sponsor” for the additional 25 Change Leaders who immediately need a basic income of 1,500 sek / month to be able to get out to a region and help people build a “Sustainable Social Development” as well as find a loving community.

Immediate needs: 25 out of 54 “Change Leaders” needs to be have their monthly financial paid. This monthly sum of 1 500 sek./month will pay their housing, food, clothings e.g

Needs Budget from March 2020 – August 2024 = 1 000 days, after this every 25 Change Leader will have their own life situation solved.

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