Preferred Business Relationships – PBR

Right now we are building up this Network and as soon the companies will join us we will present each company name and their services here.

Win-Win Philosophy: PBR`s outside Africa will give discounts to Focus on Africa members on their business/services. A true Win-.Win situation: 50% of Your discount is coming back as “donation” to the work of Focus on Africa.

Example: If a product cost is € 100 and the discount is 30% = €66 (for the end customer). The discount of 30 % = € 33. Then 50% of these € 33 is then given back to Focus on Africa as donation from PBR = €16,50.

This means that the more our members is buying from PBR Network, the more donations to build “Sustainable Social development” in Africa.

We will of course give African companies, that are Partners 17, to Focus on Africa priority here.

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