Partners in “Good Deeds”

Institute of Media & Leadership, Maputo/Mozambique

iPromel – FBC – Business Training, based on Christian principles

Focus Business Center at iPromel, aims to teach entrepreneurship in several countries in Africa with start i Maputo/Mozambique. Many companies start and it is interesting to see how people get their finances in order. The families as well as the churches often experience considerable boost.

Some already have companies through FBS and when they started the entrepreneurship training through FBS their businesses got a boom after the 6 months’ course.

People meet and start doing business together. They’re building early confidence which facilitates business especially when society is corrupt.

Focus on Africa, creates conditions and encourage entrepreneurs to invest in Africa. (see Donations )

Focus on Africa, together with Focus Business Center at iPromel, in Mozambique, starts Business Incubators to accelerate the growth of a new generation of businesspeople, that leads companies with ethical and moral rights, with the truth as weapon. This will guaranty sund economic growth and through this Decent work for the people of Africa. (SDG 8)

Focus Business Center – Entrepreneurial Incubator , Av Emilia Dausse 574, Maputo, Mocambique

Focus Business School,

African Resources Congolese company / African Resources AB / Publ.. (link:

The Honorary Consul of Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Mr. Sverker Littorin

Unigate Logistics Ltd, Somalia 

Advisor Womens Investment Fund 

Graca Machel Trust Mozambique / Kenya / Southafrica

Consistio Advisory Group AB / Sweden

PMU – Pingst Mission Utland / Sweden

SMR – Svenska Missionsrådet / Sweden

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