Project 1: CoPromel – Corporate pro Media & Leadership in Mozambique

Short background

The leaders within the large evangelical christian organisation IEAD – Assembly of God have under more than 9 years been developing and running their own Radio & TV in Mozambique. Now their vision is to further develop this Radio/TV production to be running on their own on a business level.

Focus on Africa – FONA first Sustainable Development Project in Mozambique

In June 2021 Focus on Africa wrote a contract in between IEAD and Focus on Africa to develop their Radio/TV organisation into a corporation named CoPromel – Corporate pro Media & Leadership in Mozambique.

FONA Contract work

Our work is to create the website ( business plan and suggest the new organisation and the services that CoPromel can offer the market and the different target groups of CoPromel.

Project 1: CoPromel consists of 2 main corporations, CoPromel, (the mother coorporation) and

Project 2: iPromel – Institute pro Media, Entrepreneurship & Leadership (daughter coorporation) in Catembe / suburb to Maputo, Mozambique. (

Content of the work of Focus on Africa – CoPromel – Sustainable Social Development

  • Project Leading (FonA)
  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Business Plan Development
  • Website Development
  • Presentations

So far has Focus on Africa spent > 3 000 hours in this project, voluntarily for free.

Please be a donor to us so that we can assist Africa even more in their sustanable Development work against powerty.

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