iPromel – Focus Business Center

iPromel – (Instituto Profissional de Mídia e Liderança) – Many of our students and teachers start companies or manage to get a company grow with the knowledge from FBS. 

Business 1: One teacher is running three small shops in a city some 200 km away from where he lives. With the Income statement template and budget support he has drastically increased the revenue.

Business 2: As a result of FBS a young woman started to sell snacks at her school . Her parents are very happy that she now can pay her own school fees.

Business 3: Two men have started a nursery garden including gardening. They have employed 5 more people and the company is growing as they are practising what they learned at FBS. They needed a small investment to start.

Business 4: Eight students have come together to buy beans in their district and sell it in another some month later where the price is higher. Some years the beans have got rotten because of lack of local demand.  

Business 5: Many start small animal breeding but not all succeed well. Those who know where to sell the chicken in time make money.

Business 6: One young lady created 200 chickens on her backyard when she started FBS 2,5 years ago. Now she has 3000 Chickens and three people employed, her husband is working full time and they have just bought a car. It has become a growing family business.

Business 7: Maputo. One lady who was in the first course that started 2012 had a vision to start a pre-school. Now thanks to FBS she has a pre-school with 70 children and is building classrooms to start primary school in January. She says that you can always employ pre-school teachers but not somebody whocan run the business.

Business 8: One lady bought cheese in South Africa and sold to pizzerias in Mozambique. She is now selling more products and her profit has increased much.

Business 9: One man is selling building material. His shop is doing better and he has better control now.

Business 10: One lady was employed when she started FBS. Now she is leading a newly started recruitment company, doing different work in HR-sector.

Business 11: One man is doing homepages and is training others in doing business at internet. 

Business 12: One lady is now selling small bean cakes she is baking every day. She borrowed 100 Sek from the FBS teacher and agreed to set aside 5 sekevery day. After one month she had 150 sek and after 2 months she paid back the loan and went on and is doing very well. She had learned to separate the seed-money from the bread.

Business 13: One poor lady in Swaziland got the recommendation to go FBS. She had no business idea. During the course she got the idea to breed guard dogs. Now she is doing very well breeding dogs.¨

Business 14: A Swazi lady sold cloths from her home. The number of orders increased very much after FBS because of some changes in marketing that she did because of what she learned.

Business 15 A civil servant in Swaziland had a small farm beside his job as a director for marketing of vegetables. Now he has rented a farm of 60 ha and is planning to leave the employment and work full time in his farm.

Business 16: The book keeper from a water bottling company in Maputo proposed after FBS that they should create a “storehouse” as FBS says. They started to set aside 5 000 sek every month and now they always have money to pay their bills and have got bigger freedom to plan and decide. The revenue is now increasing.

Business 17: A young man in Lichinga attended the FBS. He started a printing and graphic company. He moved to a neighboring city, Gurue, and the company grew. When the Teachers Training was given some 200 km away he came. Now he has just moved back to Lichinga and is planning to restart the FBS there and his company is growing.

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