Project H4A – Be a part of Changing the history of Africa.

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The young people in Mozambique is the hope for a brighter future in Africa/Mozambique.

Hope for Africa/Mozambique – the new Digital Era of Change starts here through iPromel – Institute for Media & Leadership in Maputo/Mozambique.

We want to encourage you by showing example from the history, that we do can Change the history of countries. Countries all over the world have done this before and not often through a few hands of persons/people that are focused and have faith in a Loving God, that we can Change the direction of a country that is on the edge of falling.

A new WAY, together with the TRUTH, will give us all the LIGHT to A Change for Africa

In Our projects we will never avoid for any reasons to always present the true characters of the real problems to solve. We will always in that Light solutions in Our projects that leads to real Sustainable Social Development/change. This is a promise from us.

If persons or any authority is against to speak the truths and becomes an obstacle to the positive development of the nation, we will refer to UN, Sustainable Social Development Objective 17, Partners against corruption.

Testimony from Africa: ”Can you still love your homeland?”

You steal on the trains, you steal on the roads, you steal in the house, you steal at the office, you steal from the state, you steal in the public offices and in private companies, our police steals, our nurses steals, our teachers steals, our maids steals, they who works at the airports steals, our customs officers steals, you steal other people’s women, you steal other people’s men, it is stolen in national and international institutions, it is stolen from civil society institutions, it is stolen from civil society institutions, it is stolen through dishonest prices of products, everything is stolen everywhere.” 

Reflections: – No one seems to have any shame in their body!  – But are we really a land of thieves?  – Are we all thieves? – Is being a Mozambican the same as being a thief?  – There are so many, so many cases of theft that we have begun to think that our “beloved homeland” has now become a “ruined homeland”.  – Can one still love a homeland full of thieves?  – These people who live by robbing, from whom have they learned this shameless, lawless behaviour?

(A cry for HOPE, from a citizen of Mozambique)

Problems in general in Africa as well as Mozambique 

Africa/Mozambique has large national problems as a result of increasing corruption, secret debts and war. People have lost confidence in its political leaders. There must be a new generation of trained leaders that have to take their position. The training of these new future leaders at all levels in the society, is a of big need to restore the hope for the future of Mozambique.

B. Project H4M – Mission

Project H4M is targeting these questions asked by the citizen of Mozambique above. The description described by a citizen of Mozambique can be said in one sentence – ”Help, give us a HOPE for our beloved land, a HOPE for a future

To learn from the history – Inspiration – ”recycling of solution”

History 1, Czechoslovakia: There is a documented story from Czechoslovakia 1600 century that tells that their situation in their country was very similar to the situation in Mozambique today, described above. The leaders of Czechoslovakia asked themselves, ”what can we do to save our beloved country?” The leaders of the country decided to ask for help from the Jesuit munks and their solution saved the country and transformed the people. 

The solution was to start schools (Universities) for education of young adults. The education program contained different topics like music, art, theology, philosophy, law, order and leadership training. 

The primary transformation goals in Czechoslovakia became: to stop the bad trends and block “recruitment” of young people, from corrupt leadership to educate and teach the coming young adults, leadership, law, order and moral thinking.

History 2, England; A position of influence; England was on the edge. Thousands were flocking to its cities to find jobs as the industrial revolution spread. But instead of opportunity they found misery, as corrupt officials and greedy industrialists exploited them. Many expected violent revolution to break out, as was appering elsewhere in Europe. However, at the same time, tens of thousands were coming to faith in Jesus Christ through the preaching of evangelists like John Wesley. Lives of both rich and poor were radically changed. A revolution had taken place, which had begun in people’s hearts. Many of these new Christians used their professions as a means to bring a godly influence into society.

You are a part of the solution to change history – to make a difference where you live as well as in Africa 

We are challenged by Scripture to positively influence our society-to get involved. We need Christians in business, government, schools and sports arenas who realize that this call to in volvement is part of their destiny. It’s not just a destiny of winning people to Jesus. It’s a destiny of being salt and light. Some Christians have  fled from important areas of society such as art and media, where we are called to be an influence. Just as salt keeps food from rotting, so we can preserve and influence society by our in tegrity, diligence and concern for others. How do you see your job, your studies or your pastimes in relation to God’s destiny for you and your nation?

This proof of concept is the strength in Project H4A and creates HOPE for the future in Mozambique & for all countries in Africa


We have been encouraged by the Ministry of Education in Mozambique to start project iPromel – Institute of Media & Leadership in Mozambique/Africa to: 

To start the first institute of iPromel – Professional Institute for Media and Leadership on Our own land of 7 Hectar (70 000 square meter) in Catembhe. Catembhe has become a fast growing suburb to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The start was the 1 of December 2020.

Since 1980 there has been cooperation between IEAD and the Pentecostal movement in Sweden. In between 1991 – 1996 there were built four (4) educational centers in Mozambique financed from PMU, Sweden. The Educational Center Levi Pethrus in Katembe included a vocational school. This center will now be transformed to a Professional Institute for Media and Leadership.  In November 2018 a bridge was inaugurated between Maputo and Katembe why Katembe has become a fast growing suburb to Maputo.

Here you can see the land of iPromel Campus in Catembhe, residing beautiful at the shore of Maputo Bay in Mozambique, Africa.

The Ministry of Education in Mozambique, has given approval to the IEAD – Igreja Ev Assembleia de Deus, to create the Institute Professional Institute for Media and Leadership – iPromel Campus – the base of the Digital Era of Learning.

Mission: To stop the negative trends, the ”negative running wheels”, in Mozambique, described in this document.  

To teach and train the young adults into knowledge and empathy for their country and give young adults and upcoming leadership, hope and jobs that creates a new Mozambique with new ethical and moral standards.

To create HOPE for the people of Mozambique

D. Project H4M – Project description phase 1

1. Program goals

The overall goal is to reduce the poverty in Mozambique and reduce the recruitment group of young frustrated people to IS mainly in northern part of the country.

Mozambique is a rich country but with a poor population mainly because of poor leadership. The PIML will train leaders for different levels of leadership but will not have the focus on church leadership but on leadership in companies, organization and governmental leadership. Leadership and communication will work hand in hand at the Institute.

  1. Build infrastructure ready to start to train media technicians. Get skilled people to the different areas of Media & Leadership.
  2. Get curriculums approved by the Ministry of Education for 9-month training and for the 2-3 years` diploma training.
  3. Prepare teachers, make announcement and receive applications to start up the first 3 year training media with start in February 2021. 
  4. Give training in mentorship to have mentors/teachers prepared before PIML starts. The pedagogy for the school will be based in mentoring more than teaching why this mentorship training will be given to all teachers.
  5. Train local “missionaries” for the unreached people in Mozambique.

2. Planned activities of the project

  • 1. Transform teachers house and workshops to get 5 radio studios, 1 big TV studio and music studios ready with some office places, 6 classrooms and 4 teachers houses that will serve as office and habitation. 
  • 2.  The local commission established will be leading the process of curriculums and      coordination. 
  • 3.  Announcement of the start will include visits to churches, invitation to be sent and a selection process.

3. Target groups

Young people of any religion or sex who completed class 10 or 12 in Secondary schools Interested to work with media/TIC or interested to become a leader! 

4. Program budget, year 1

Phase 1: Total Budget is 640 000 Sek for 12 months. We can start school with 100 000 Sek. Minor amounts has already started to enter. 

Phase 2: For next 5 years’ investment is needed with the amount of 3 000 000 Sek. The trainings will be financed by the students’ fees. A good well exists and the school has plans to start to sell bottled water which will reduce the running costs. The business incubator where the school will be a shareholder in many companies will give an income after some years.  

Budget for the Professional Institute of Media and Leadership year 1.

 Project H4M – phase 1 Budget

Preparation of Curriculums 6 200 Euro

Coordination of startup 4 100 Euro

Rehabilitation and adaptation of EC Levi Pethrus to an Insttitute for media and leadership 28 000 Euro

Water factory 26 000 Euro

Total cost for project H4M, phase 1; 64 000 Euro

4. Time table

The operation of first phase will start in November 2020 and end in September 2021.

Date: on 31 of August 2020

Nelson Pereira Leif Litsgard

Pr IEADao e Radio/TV Dir PIML

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