Urgent: Refugees Camps Montepuez

Aid to support work in five refugees camps in north Mozambique

Dear FONA friends, as you know we have at iPromel educated 54 missionaries as facilitators to go out in different regions and give support to develop Sustainable Social societies. Below is the first report from one of Our Project Leader “Paulo”

We at Focus on Africa works exclusively together with the Mozambique organisations iPromel/CoPromel/IDEA in different projects and assist Our partners with different resources and now we need to immediate finance the work to help refugees in five camps in the District of Montepuez in Mozambique. Please open up your heart and donate money to this urgent work now.

URGENT NEEDS Phase 1: Aid to the 5 Refugees Camps

  • 5 motorcykels = a total of 4 500 Euro,
  • Buy 5 properties/lands, close to the 5 refugees camps = a total of 1 500 Euro,
  • Build 5 houses = a total of 4 000 Euro,
  • unforeseen events = a total of 2 000 Euro

Totally: 12 000 Euro/US$ / 120 000 sek. / 

REMEMBER: Many small amounts will be a miracle! 


Payments within Sweden

Swish (in Sweden)): 070 814 89 61

Bankgiro: Bankgiro 102-7622 (Handelsbanken)

Payments International

IBAN: SE10 6000 0000 0006 7567 1418,  

Swift: Handsess.

This is the message from Project Leader “Paulo”

Thanks be to God for your prayers, after a lasting conversation for a whole week with the government authorities of the District of Montepuez for the request for permission for my entry into the resettlement centers, I was finally allowed. We will be the first aid mission to entering these centers, and the first action of implanting porches within the refugee resettlement centers.

Montepuez includes more than 50 thousand refugees, from all tribes, namely, Macuas, Marcondes, Muanis,Ingonis, Makues, some of these tribes still unreached, can be a great opportunity to use tribes’ concentration for evangelization, this is the main target of our missionary mission in Montepuez, as Montepuez is the massive outpost of Cape war refugees Delgado, which makes up more than seventy percent of the entire province. Thus, there are five resettlement centers to date, namely: Nacaca, Ntele, Marcone, and Pepone.

Today we started with evangelization, there are many conversions, so we came back very satisfied, I hope that in a few weeks we can have strong churches among the refugees.
The centers are not close to each other, we have to travel twenty or thirty kilometers on motorcycles for six or seven hours a day depending on the number of activists who accompany me that I am training who will be future leaders of these churches.

Situations: We found children eating charcoal and ash porridge for lack of food, in case he forced me to call the governor asking for help for those people, who promised me he would do something, it seems to me that the humanitarian sectors are exhausted. to do more…

Needs (see above); We need to buy five (5) plots (cost: 1 500 Euro) that are for sale within the resettlement areas, and urgently build porches, we need to buy plastic chairs (cost: 4 000 Euro), we need five motorcycles or bicycles (cost: 4 500 Euro), for workers to travel to these centers every day there and back, because they are renting motorcycles every day to 30 days we would buy more than two motorcycles per month.

Conclusion: The work in Montepuez is serious and big, if there are these conditions we will have achieved the dream that we had been praying for decades to evangelize the unreached tribes, now they are all together, it requires an investment, the neighbors have already started thinking about building mosques every month for each center, we, for the time being, need porches within two weeks, here there is no building material around because of the large concentration of population, everything is for sale, pray for us so that everything goes well for us.

Missionario, “Paulo”

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