Your Own Missionary

Leif Litsgård: “Together with the AoG churchesIpromel is teaching the new missionaries that the church has decided to train and sendto the unreached people in Mozambique. It was a year op preparation and the corona changed the way we communicate. We had planned to have the training in 3 different places and letting the teachers travel. With corona we are using Zoom and whatsup. With zoom we can even have some specialised teachers teaching from Sweden.

The subjects we teach are, Global mission, history and equipment needed, how to plant a new church, entrepreneurship, communicating with Muslims, anthropology and radio/TV. There is 2 month of practice followed by a final week in beginning of March. Then the students will be send to the unreached cooperating with local radio and TV and some internet based support.

The main problem has been the lack of smartphones receiving Zoom and the cost for the internet. After 30% of the course this is resolved and we look forward to graduate and send 50 students. Until now the AoG churches have paid the costs but to send the new missionaries will cost too much why the church is asking for support.

We offer churches and private people to become sponsors to one orsome of the missionariesfor 1-3 years. You will get a direct contact and will have possibility to visit your missionary.”

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