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Emergencia in Cabo Delgado

In northern Mocambique IS has created a Kaliphat and more than 1100 people has been killed and ca 200 000 ar desplaced. Many of them have no food etc for survival. FoA are sending financial support that are well distributed by the provincial church. 

Instituto Professional de Mídia e Liderança

Ipromel has its first training the 7 of Dezember from 9-15.00 how to communicate with the neighbors?9-13 of Dezember ToT in Christian entrepreneurship. full days, 2600 Mts.11-14 of Dezember training of technicians in churches.

FBS – Malawi

We had the FBS ToT in Malawi the 6-11 of February 2017.13 persons were graduated and two licenses are signed. The two are the Navigators and the Pentecostal revival church.

Agreement with Government!

In Mocambique we have a MU with the governemnt to develope our work together, with the aim to create more entrepreneurs and reduce the poverty on a national level. We will teach the Focus Business School, train mentors and start incubators.

Training for Trainers!

We have trained the trainers for Focus Business School in many African countries.    

We are inviting institutions as well as churches to send people for training.                     FBS is now in 12 countries in Africa and starts to have an impact from the poorest to the  top. Your institution/church can start a Focus Business School and you will se Gods blessing over your work in a new way.

Started in Africa

The 25 of June 2018 FBS ToT started with FPCT in Arusha, Tanzania.

The 26 of September the FBS ToT started in Entebbe, Uganda, (Eng)

The 10 of October the FBS ToT started in Bukavo, Kongo (French)

The 24 of October the FBS ToT started in Lilongwe, Malawi, (Eng)

In January 2017  started FBS ToT in Johannesburg, Acts church  

ToT= Training of Trainers.

Leader and mentorship training.

We invite for leader and mentorship training in Maputo in November 2018.We plan for envolvemnt in starting of an Incubator during fall this year.

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